I started investigating "real" Italian cooking after my first trip to Italy...I get thoroughly transported by being in Italy...the tastes, the freshness (a key to cooking Italian) and the anticipation of my next fabulous meal...I return home and feel a desperate need to re-create the dishes I’ve had in Italy...I’ve had some successes and a few disasters...I still burn my hand when steaming the milk for my morning cappuccino...I even bought a pasta maker — a real one — the hand grinder variety from a market in Rome...My mother laughed at the very thought of me grinding out pasta (I excitedly phoned her when I started this task — what was I thinking?!?) and I did retire the hand grinder after a few tortuous outings and thick pasta results (inedible)...As a rescue, my sister Laurie bought an electric pasta maker for me that I do (in fact) use on occasion...but, more often than not, I buy my pasta at the local store and concentrate on making no fail, tasty are a few of my successes!


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