Pricing Information

Total cost = $ 400.00*

1- Travel Consultation (usually via e-mail but also by phone if necessary - whatever works best for you); This allows us to get an idea of what your interests are - how much time you have to spend in Italy - how many places you want to or must see - hotels, villas, farms - what will give you a total Italian experience, yet keep you comfortable - pricing of hotels - travel timing - we add our expertise and recommendations for your trip - things you might not have thought about and other particulars that impact a trip.

2- Once we've consulted, I devise travel itineraries and options based on all of the information we've discussed. I then send you at least five options that are open to change - I always remember that we're making your perfect trip. Once you've narrowed down the options and made some changes - we're left with your best trip.

3- I then start booking hotels based on what I know, where I've stayed, your pricing information and the season. Once that is done and we've confirmed the hotels, I start work on your "manifesto" or personalized travel itinerary. *changes in confirmed hotel reservations will result in additional charges.

4- The personalized travel itinerary includes several things: a booklet with all of your hotel correspondence and reservation confirmations, car rental confirmations, train confirmations and any other reservations we've made for you; you'll have a complete itinerary with all of your hotels, addresses, phone numbers, touring/sight-seeing advice and options, restaurant recommendations (and reservations if desired), shopping recommendations, driving directions, travel tips and other confirmations and correspondence; I also include several copies of contact phone and fax numbers for you to leave with your family, friends and office (just in case they need to contact you); Additionally, I include a few other small items to make your trip easy.

Total cost = $300.00**

1 - Travel Consultation (as above)
2 - Itinerary Options (as above)
3 - Hotel Booking - you'll receive copies of all correspondence and confirmed reservations.

**changes in confirmed hotel reservations will result in additional charges - $10 per change, cancellation, re-booking

Cancellation Disclaimer:
Should your plans change or you decide to cancel your trip, I am happy to make the hotel cancellations. You will be responsible for any hotel cancellation penalties, if any do apply. I will also cancel your car rental reservations with the same understanding regarding penalties. Any changes to air travel will be on your own as you will have these tickets to use in the future. For each cancellation I make, I will charge you $10 per cancellation and you will not be refunded the initial $400 for my services as services were indeed rendered on your behalf.



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